How Vitamin C & Antioxidant Supplementation Impact Gains

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If Muscular tissues Only Expand For 1-2 Days, Just what Takes place When Pain Lasts Longer?
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How Vitamin C & Antioxidant Supplementation Impact Gains
If Muscles Only Grow For 1-2 Days, What Happens When Soreness Lasts Longer?
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31 thoughts on “How Vitamin C & Antioxidant Supplementation Impact Gains

  1. I have very tiny joints. 6.1″ around my wrists for example. How will this impact pressing excersises when getting real strong, and building muscle? Am i literally just fucked 😀

  2. The is a website that tests and compares supplements ( They rate the quality of all supplements.

  3. I’ll read the studies to see how much of a difference it is in muscle gain. You mention vitamin d, although you have regularly recommend that everyone supplement it? or was that a slip of the tongue?

  4. Thoughts on someone who isn’t able to spend much time outside taking a Vitamin D3 supplement? I think you may have discussed this in the past

  5. It may be true for vitamins.. But you definitely need more minerals and electrolytes than the average person if you workout

  6. ETZU BEATZU same as, I take 10,000ui a day, I stopped for a week this winter and notice the same thing. this was more referring to physical traits Jason was mentioning, I would say the other benefits outweigh the minimal gains made

  7. But Jason – with all the pesticides that food is sprayed with could that not affect the nutritional content?

  8. Jason you are making me save a lot of my money on supplements. Now I can get more whole foods with that money.

  9. Nici Geelhoed my bad if he said e, 5000iu is a recommended amount, 30,000iu is not good. I notice all the enhanced benefits at 10,000iu and have been taking that amount for two years now

  10. What about adaptogens, this like macca root, aswhaganda, gensing etc that supposedly help you body deal with more stress and reduce cortisol levels. Do they work?

  11. Jason, you are kind of a hypocrite when you think about it.  Aren’t you the first person to tell people “Don’t major in the minors”??  Then you come out with this video, which I actually have heard you mention in the past (as with many topics) regarding vitamin C/E and fats post workout and how it can negatively impact your progress.  I don’t believe it one bit… and i’ll continue having my vitamins regardless of what the science says.  You are the same person who said “F**K cardio”.  And as well researched as you are, it surprises me that someone such as yourself could make such a basic error.   In the grand scheme of things, your vitamin timing is irrelevant.

  12. What is the effect of not eating fruits or vegetables daily? I very rarely regularly consume whole fruits or vegetables and wonder if the multivitamin can replace it.

  13. those who train dont need more vitamins , but what about minerals? potassium and sodium for exapmle.

  14. I haven’t had any issued with pain in them, yet. Have done up to 5 reps on 110kg bench when i trained really seriously, but no pain, neither on the OHP when using suicide grip. I’m more interested in how it will hinder growth etc, cause a smaller frame can hold less muscle?

  15. And how come its not okey to become wiser and change stand point or view point over years 🙂 He is just trying to give the unbiased truth. That is not a easy task my friend! In a world full of lies.

  16. Use tanning beds that give vitamin d bro. Vitamin d from food is not the same as when arbsorbed through the skin.

  17. Coffee can give cancer, antioxidants can not.

    Everything from a bean that have been burned will help you get cancer. The burning process creates cancerious drugs inside the bean. Like “kanel” “cinnamon” and other burned ingredients in food. Too much of everything is bad.

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